Head of Department


Institutional Communications Department undertakes the organization of the Board's relations with national and international capital market institutions, public institutions and written and visual media in order to provide for the presentation of capital markets both at the national and international level and public disclosure.

Also, the Department is responsible for organizing meetings and conferences; preparing all kinds of documents including books and brochures; preparing information that is to be released via the web site of the Board; finalizing the applications regarding Law No: 4982 dated 9 October 2003 On The Right of Information Acquirement and organizing the necessary domestic and international protocol services of the Board.

Moreover, this Department is authorized to conduct studies for the purpose of developing institutional identity; establish the standards of the documents and data produced inside the Board in order to increase the efficiency of communications within the Board; provide for the transfer and distribution of these data sources; organize meetings and seminars addressing employees of the Board and organize the activities of the Board related with international institutions.

The task of the official spokesperson of the Board is executed by the Institutional Communications Department, with the approval of the Board's Chairman, on his behalf.


Regarding administration and activities, Institutional Communications Department is composed of a Deputy Department Head; Media and Public Relations Group; International Relations Group; Capital Markets Education and Presentation Group; Information Acquirement Unit and the back office, working under the Department Head.