A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) and the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (CBA), which has the authority to regulate and supervise capital markets in Azerbaijan.

The MoU, which has been signed by Chairman Ali Fuat TAŞKESENLİOĞLU on behalf of the CMB and Executive Director Ali AHMADOV on behalf of the CBA, aims to foster the exchange of information and technical cooperation about capital markets between the authorities of the two countries. This MoU is considered an important step for the two RSAs towards enhancing dialogue on regulations and practices as well as sharing of expertise about capital markets. Furthermore, considering the historical ties and common interests between the two brother countries, a bilateral cooperation platform with the CBA is of particular value.

CMB attaches great importance to international relations and strives to enhance cooperation with the authorities in other countries. In this direction, including this MoU signed with the CBA, our Board has signed bilateral MoUs with the foreign counterpart authorities of 36 countries in total.