After the enactment of New Capital Markets Law at the end of 2012 which introduced substantial amendments to the functioning of Turkish capital markets, secondary legislation has been renewed accordingly and work has been conducted on the English translations of relevant legislation.
In this context, the English translations of 39 Communiqués, which are particularly relevant for global institutions and investors have been published at the CMB website.

Translations of the Communiqués listed below are accessible via the link: CMB Communiqués (New)
  1. VII-128.1     Communiqué on Shares
  2. II-19.1          Communiqué on Dividends
  3. III-59.1         Communiqué on Covered Bonds
  4. III - 58.1       Communiqué on Asset-Backed And Mortgage-Backed Securities
  5. VII-128.4     Communiqué on Foreign Capital Market Instruments and Depositary Receipts and Foreign Investment Funds
  6. II-31.1          Communiqué on Debt Securities
  7. VII-128.2     Communiqué on Real Estate Certificates
  8. III-61.1         Communiqué on Lease Certificates
  9. VII-128.3     Communiqué on Warrants and Certificates
  10. II - 16.1        Communiqué on Principles Pertaining to Removal of Corporations from the Scope of Law and Obligation of Trading of Shares on Exchange
  11. II-22.1          Communiqué on Buy-Back Shares
  12. II-18.1          Communiqué on Authorised Capital System
  13. II-5.1            Communiqué on Prospectus and Issue Document
  14. II-5.2            Communiqué on Sales of Capital Market Instruments
  15. II-17.1          Communiqué on Corporate Governance
  16. II-15.2          Communiqué on Material Events Disclosure Regarding Non-Publicly Traded Corporations
  17. II-15.1          Communiqué on Material Events Disclosure
  18. II-26.1          Communiqué on Takeover Bids
  19. II-23-2          Communiqué on Merger and Demerger
  20. VII-128.6     Communiqué on Public Disclosure Platform
  21. II-30.1          Communiqué on Voting by Proxy and Proxy Solicitation
  22. II - 23.1        Communiqué on Common Principles Regarding Significant Transactions and the Retirement Right
  23. III-37.1         Communiqué on Principles Regarding Investment Services, Activities and Ancillary Services
  24. III-39.1         Communiqué on Principles of Establishment and Activities of Investment Firms
  25. III-55.1         Communiqué on Portfolio Management Companies and Activities of Such Companies
  26. III-56.1         Communiqué on Portfolio Depositary Service and Providers of Such Service
  27. III-52.1         Communiqué on Principles of Investment Funds
  28. III-52.3         Communiqué on Real Estate Investment Funds
  29. III-52.4         Communiqué on Principles of Venture Capital Investment Funds
  30. III-52.2         Communiqué on Principles of Exchange Traded Funds
  31. II-14.2          Communiqué on Principles Regarding Financial Reporting of Investment Funds
  32. III-48.3         Communiqué on Principles of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Companies
  33. III-48.1         Communiqué on Principles of Real Estate Investment Companies
  34. VII-128.5     Communiqué on Principles of Performance Presentation and Performance-Based Remuneration for Individual Portfolios and Collective Investment Schemes, and of Grading and Ranking Activities of Collective Investment Schemes
  35. II-14.1          Communiqué on Principles of Financial Reporting in Capital Markets
  36. V.101.1        Communiqué on Measures to Be Taken for Insider Trading and Manipulation Investigations
  37. VI-1.104.1    Communiqué on Market Abuse
  38. V-2.102.1     Communiqué on Obligation of Notification Regarding Insider Trading or Manipulation Crimes
  39. VI-103.1         Communiqué on Payment of Net Trading Earnings by Executives of Issuers to Issuers