For the members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC) "COMCEC 2nd Capital Markets Regulators Forum" hosted by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) is held in Istanbul, Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel on September 19, 2013. The forum will take place with the participation of competent authorities from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Gambia, Iraq, Iran, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunusia, Oman, Jordan and Turkey.

In line with the calls of the 25th and 26th sessions of COMCEC General Assembly, COMCEC Capital Markets Regulators Forum was established in the Conference for COMCEC Capital Markets Regulators and in the Round Table Meeting held in Istanbul, 2011. The Forum Secretariat is chaired by the CMB since its establishment. The main aims of the Forum are to reinforce capabilities of capital market regulatory bodies in Islamic countries and to offer a platform for COMCEC Member State regulatory authorities to share opinions and ideas on possible cooperation grounds.

The Conference will start with the opening speeches of the CMB Chairman Dr. Vahdettin ERTAŞ and Director at the Ministry of Development Selçuk KOÇ, on behalf of the COMCEC Coordination Office. During the Forum works carried out in the past year by authorities in the task forces with respect to "Capacity Building", "Market Development", "Islamic Finance" and "Financial Literacy" will be evaluated, the reports prepared will be addressed and works for the coming year will be discussed.

Furthermore, this year in the Forum meeting Chair of the Forum and chairs of the task forces will be elected in accordance with the statute of the Forum and the task forces. Presentations of the task forces on "Capacity Building", "Market Development", "Islamic Finance" and "Financial Literacy" will be done and the restructuring of each task force and opportunities for cooperation among related capital markets regulators will be discussed.  

After the introduction of the Forum web site by the Forum Secretariat, presentations will be made on recent developments in the field of Islamic Finance in member countries.
Information regarding "COMCEC Capital Markets Forum" is available at the web site