The Capital Markets Board organized a one week capital markets training seminar as a response to a request from the Algeria Capital Markets Authority (Commission d'Organisation et de Surveillance des Opérations de Bourse-COSOB). The seminar took place at the CMB Istanbul office and the ISE on 19-23 December 2011.


The Chairman of the COSOB Mr. Ismail NOUREDDINE accompanied the delegation where there are representatives from the Algeria Stock Exchange and Clearing Corporation as well. Istanbul Stock Exchange, Central Registry Agency and Capital Markets Licensing, Registry and Education Institution contributed to the organisation of the training program.


The general framework of the program included Turkish capital market structure and legal framework, capital market instruments and institutions, market surveillance and oversight, IPO process, dematerialization and clearing and settlement systems.


CMB Chairman Mr. Vedat AKGIRAY stated that the program will strengthen the relations between CMB and COSOB, and further develop the opportunities of collaboration