The 35th Annual Conference of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has been held in Montreal/Canada. Prof. Dr. A. Vedat Akgiray, Chairman of the Capital Markets Board (CMB), who represented Turkey at the Conference has been elected with majority of the votes, as the Chairman of the Emerging Markets Committee which has totally 83 members.

Chairman Akgiray will represent CMB at the Executive Committee, which is the highest level decision-making body of IOSCO, as the Chairman of EMC. Additionally, Mr. Akgiray will attend the Financial Stability Board meetings which has been established by G-20, as the Chairman of EMC. Meanwhile, it has been decided that the EMC 2010 Meeting will be held in Istanbul under the host of CMB, during 13th-15th October 2010.

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is an organization established by the supervisory and auditing authorities of capital markets for the purposes of providing coordination and cooperation in the relevant areas, setting common international standards regarding the legal and institutional structure of capital markets and facilitating exchange of information between the members. On the other hand, the Emerging Markets Committee aims to develop principles in order to increase the efficiency of emerging markets and to provide exchange of information.

Capital Markets Board has been a member of IOSCO since 1988, which has currently 191 members. The CMB participates actively to the work of the committees and working groups of IOSCO and contributes policy making for realizing the purposes and targets of IOSCO. Within the framework of IOSCO activities, Capital Markets Board has undertaken the Chair of the Over the Counter Markets and Derivatives Trading Task Force recently.