CMB Communiqués (New) 

TitleSerial NoPub DateShow
Communiqué on Principles Regarding Licensing and Record Keeping for Those Engaged in Capital Market ActivitiesVII-128.714.08.2014
Communiqué On Takeover BidsII-
Communiqué on DividendsII-
Communıqué On Materıal Events Dısclosure Regardıng Non-Publıcly Traded CorporatıonsII-
Communıqué On Materıal Events DısclosureII-
Communıqué On Measures To Be Taken For Insıder Tradıng And Manıpulatıon InvestıgatıonsV.
Communıqué On Covered BondsIII-
Communiqué on Market AbuseVI-
Communiqué on Obligation of Notification Regarding Insider Trading or Manipulation CrimesV-
Communıqué On Asset-Backed And Mortgage-Backed SecurıtıesIII -
Communiqué On Buy-Backed SharesII-
Communiqué on Real Estate Investment FundsIII-52.303.01.2014
Communiqué On Corporate GovernanceII-17.1 03.01.2014
Communiqué on Principles of Venture Capital Investment FundsIII-52.402.01.2014
Communiqué on Principles Regarding Financial Reporting of Investment FundsII-
Communıqué On Prıncıples Pertaınıng To Removal Of Corporatıons From The Scope Of Law And Oblıgatıon Of Tradıng Of Shares On ExchangeII -
Communiqué On Merger And DemergerII-23-228.12.2013
Communiqué on Public Disclosure PlatformVII-128.627.12.2013
Communiqué On Authorised Capital SystemII-
Communiqué on Voting by Proxy and Proxy SolicitationII-
Communıqué On Common Principles Regarding Significant Transactions And The Retirement RightII -
Communiqué on Principles of Performance Presentation and Performance-Based Remuneration for Individual Portfolios and Collectve Investment Schemes, and of Grading and Ranking Activities of Collective Investment SchemesVII-128.517.12.2013
Communiqué on Principles of Establishment and Activities of Investment FirmsIII-
Communiqué on Payment of Net Trading Earnings by Executives of Issuers to IssuersVI-
Communıqué On Prıncıples Of Exchange Traded FundsIII-
Communıqué On Foreıgn Capıtal Market Instrumentsand Eposıtary Receıpts And Foreıgn Investment FundsVII-128.423.10.2013
Communıqué On Prıncıples Of Venture Capıtal And Prıvate Equıty Investment CompanıesIII-48.309.10.2013
Communıqué On Warrants And CertificatesVII-128.310.09.2013
Communıqué On Prıncıples Regardıng Investment Servıces, Actıvıtıes And Ancıllary ServıcesIII-
Communıqué On Prıncıples Of Investment FundsIII-
Communiqué on Real Estate CertificatesVII-
Communiqué on Lease CertificatesIII-
Communiqué on Portfolio Management Companies and Activities Of Such CompaniesIII-
Communiqué On Portfolio Depositary Service And Providers Of Such Service III-
Communiqué on Sales Of Capital Market InstrumentsII-
Communiqué on Prospectus and Issue DocumentII-
Communiqué on SharesVII-
Communiqué on Principles of Financial Reporting in Capital MarketsII-
Communiqué on Debt SecuritiesII-
Communıqué On Prıncıples Of Real Estate Investment CompanıesIII-